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Mardi Gras Ensemble
Strapless Gown, Cape, Gloves and Mask
Norma Gene Couture's choice of flower, fabric and color honors the traditional Mardi Gras colors of green, purple and gold as well as February's flower of the month, violets.
Miss Marshall loves the understated, elegant gown called "Shy Violets" by Norma Gene Couture. The ensemble is dark green panne velvet velour, lined in violet taffeta. The strapless gown, cape and mask are beribboned & jeweled in a demure manner with violet tinted French ribbon, velvet violets, leaves and beads. The crinoline of 3 layers of violet tulle edged in green will twirl wonderfully around the ballroom.  She has just received word that she will be presented with complementary jewels from King Rex at the Twelfth Night Revelers Masque Ball.


Gene has been invited to attend the New Orleans Mardi Gras. She will be appearing at the Twelfth Night Revelers Masque Ball, the Rex Ball and will participate in the main event parade with King Rex.