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All these designs are original and my own creation.They are copyrighted by ©Rollins Tropicals, Inc. 1999 - 2015

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What instrument does your Hitty Play?
Violin  ~ $10
Flute  ~ $12.00
Harp ~ $15.00
Upright piano ~ $ 15.00
Brass Music Stand
~ $9.00
​Wood Lyre Music stand ~ $12
Matching Bonnets trimmed with English lace are available with Recital dresses only ~ $15
Hitty Beth
Concerto NO. 2 in "G"

Dark Green or Navy Blue Taffeta Recital Dress. Featuring long sleeves. Beautiful English lace trims both collar & cuffs, Tartan Ribbon sash and Holiday Recital Program.
Hitty Brooks
Concerto NO. 3 in "B"

Black & White Silk gingham Recital Dress, English Lace collar, Holiday themed "pin", Lace trimmed attached slip, Red Silk Sash and Holiday Recital Program 

Hitty Anne and the twins, Hitty Beth and Hitty Brooks have selected their favorite dresses for their first recital. 
​Hitty Anne 
Concerto NO. 1 in "A"

Navy Blue or Dark Green Taffeta Recital Dress, English white lace collar bejeweled with pearls and seed beads, white sash & Holiday Recital  Program
The holiday concert features classical music and traditional caroling, performed and directed by the Hittyville Trio 
Hitty Anne on violin, Hitty Beth on flute and Hitty Brooks on piano. 
​Guests are invited to tour the Old Quarters in Downtown Hittyville immediately following the concert.

Hitty's Holiday Recital