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Little Hitty Couture

Dress and felt Bonnet

​                $35

Dress Basic I & II

All these designs are original and my own creation.They are copyrighted by ©Rollins Tropicals, Inc. 1999 - 2015

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Featuring Miss Hickory Couture

Basics III
White or Ecru​
​Dress not included.

Basics IV
Capes, Muffs, etc.
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Dress not included.
Basics II

Plain or Printed Fabric
Apron or Pinafore
Straw Hat or Sun Bonnet
​Basket (Favorite Hobby),
​Book Bag (School), or Nosegay

$35 per set
Dress not included

Paul Spencer "Little Hitty" 
Painted by Melanie Smith

Eyelet Pinafore Basic

Pinafore Basic

Basic I
Basic Cotton Dress
Plain or Printed Fabric
Long or Short Sleeves

​Design your own ensemble. Hitty may choose a basic dress, pinafore, hat and accessories. Great place to start!

Hitty Basics