All these designs are original and my own creation.They are copyrighted by ©Rollins Tropicals, Inc. 1999 - 2015

Bleuette's Fashions

Bleuette's Vintage Halloween 

ERC Doll Couture
For Raikes Bobette Doll

Basic Dress  ~ $35.00
​You supply fabric from your own stash (or a quick trip to the fabric shop) or you may send the fabric provided in the Raikes Bobette kit to be made into a basic dress for Bobette or

Bleuette. Designer Dress  ~ $45.00
​You supply the fabric (see Basic Dress) to be made into a Designer Dress enhanced with Fancy Cuffs and Collar similar in style to the one shown above modeled by Bleuette and Bobette.  

​One of a kind Doll Couture  
Prices starting at ~ $55
​Your choice of fabric and ensemble design.  (Dress, Pinafore Apron, Coat, Hats, etc)

Happy Holidays!

Green or Navy taffeta dress, socks, shoes and matching hair ribbon!


Beach Pajamas

Blue stripped cotton beach pajamas with plain ecru batiste sailor hat,  sleeve cuff, neckline & hat are trimmed with hem bias binding. Natural straw bag and sunglasses.