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Meridian, is the youngest sister & the Captain's favorite.
She wears her newest gown. The purple and gold printed overdress features Juliet style sleeves. Her underdress shines and caresses her lovely skin. She loves to sleep in this silky underdress too. Her gown laces up the front. Meridian's favorite scent is ever present in her perfume bottle. The keys will help unlock her tiniest hidden treasures. She dreams and gazes into her mirror and confirms who is the fairest on this ship! Meridian has spent many hours’ twisting flowers and leaves into wreath to adorn her hair for the special visit. This is only appropriate for a very young maiden. Gown, Head gear, keys, hand mirror, and
Queens gift~ accessories are not in photo ~LE ~ $225

"How my beating heart inflames with Love
and casts all reason from my captured mind."
Our eldest sister is Alexandria
Alexandria's gown is trimmed with gold lace and ribbon enclosing the hieroglyphics. The papyrus design of her overdress illustrates the magnificent colors of Egypt. The shimmery turquoise sleeves and underskirt are accented with gold thread. She carries a peacock-feathered fan, and the master key. Her gift to Queen Anne is the sleepy Tiger laying at her feet. As the oldest she is overseer to all the girls' activities.
Gown, Head gear, Earrings, Fan, and Master key ~ accessories are not in photo ~ LE ~ $250

African Tudor

​Three Sisters, daughters of an Ivory Coast ship captain are summoned to appear at
the court of Henry VIII and Queen Anne.

It is one of Gene's most challenging roles. She plays all three sisters!
​The sisters had come with one purpose in mind to seek fine gentlemen, three of a kind.

Although the damsels had worn different dresses, they wore the same face and the same golden tresses. Each had a smile that went straight to the heart, but no man as yet could e're tell them apart.........

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Mea Culpa! 
The photo of Tangier was unfit for viewing. 
​Gene volunteered to jump into the scanner Tangier,
​ is the middle sister. 
​Her bronze, copper & gold gown represents her truest of loves, material wealth. Her overdress is trimmed with gold accents, gold ribbon and laces down the front. Her underskirt is accented with gold in a honeycomb pattern. Hanging from her trim waist is her key to her jewelry box and her coin purse. Be careful not to admire her jewels too closely; she carries a dagger up her sleeve. 
Head gear, Earrings, coin purse, dagger, key, & the Queen's Gift of African trinkets presented in a wooden chest.~ accessories are not in photo ~ LE ~ $225